Hey Mama! I'm Katie

I help moms reconnect with themselves through self-care, so they can start enjoying a motherhood filled with more joy and less stress. The magical mama life!

Let's bring some peace into your life with some easy, but life-changing self-care.

Let's stop the mom self-sacrificing cycle and focus on meeting your needs mama.

Let's nurture your relationship with yourself to promote more self-awareness and self-love.

Magical Mama Life

Step 1: Mindset Shift

Self-care isn't selfish! Shift your mindset about self-care with an affirmation.

Self-care helps me support myself, so I can be an amazing mother.

I'm learning to take better care of myself.

I deserve to feel good, and I am worthy of being taken care of.

My needs and wants are important.

Place the affirmation somewhere you will see daily. I love using dry erase markers to write on my bathroom mirror. Make your self-care a daily priority, not just something you do occasionally, when you're feeling overwhelmed and burned out.

Magical Mama Life

Step 2: Set Aside Time

Pick a time during the day that works best to do your self- care, instead of waiting for some extra minutes in the day. Being proactive is key to ensure you get the time you need.

Treat that time each day like an appointment that you can't miss.

Set a reminder in your phone so you don't forget.

Have a conversation with your family and set the expectation that you won't be available during that time.

Remember it's progress over perfection here. If the time you picked doesn't seem to be working well, you can always change it.

Magical Mama Life
Magical Mama Life

Step 3: Be Present

Quiet the noise mama! It's time to put that phone on silent.

Remember this is your special time to enjoy and take care of yourself. 

Don't self sabotage by trying to get a bunch of other stuff done during this time. Remember this time is for you! If you are having a hard time calming your mind, try a 5 minute meditation or calming music.

Myth #1 Self-Care is Selfish


Self-care isn't selfish mama! It's crucial for your mental, physical, and emotional well-being. If you don't take care of yourself, then you won't be able to show up as your best self, when taking care of others.

Everyone needs time to recharge and connect with themselves, moms are no exception! Motherhood is much too precious to live stressed, self-sacrificing, and not meeting your needs. You deserve more than the hot mess mom culture version of motherhood!

Magical Mama Life

Myth #2 Self-care is expensive and time consuming

Quality self-care doesn't have to be time consuming or expensive to be fulfilling and meet your needs. A few small steps are the best place to start, then you can build on it as you go. Don't over think it and keep it simple at first.

Going all in is great, but if you do too much at first it can lead to quitting. That is not what I want for you mama. I want to help you make lasting change and help bring more joy and magic back into your life.

You deserve to feel good and have a life that feels magical mama!

Download my free self-care starter guide below. It's time for you to start living the magical mama life!

Self-care looks different for everyone. This is no surprise if you think about all the magical things moms do for their families on a daily basis. Self-care is about finding what re-charges you, helps you unwind, and brings you joy on a regular basis. Being mindful and present in the moment is key to get the full benefits. Trying out different things can help you discover what works and help you find your rhythm.

I'm so excited to be on this journey with you mama!