My Story...I Was Struggling

After becoming a mom for the first time I struggled hard to adapt to my new role. I felt my needs and wants as a person were forgotten once my son was born. I thought I needed to put anything I needed or wanted last. I felt like asking for help reflected negatively on me as a mom. I hoped that others would just offer help and know what I needed. I suffered from post-partum anxiety and felt anxious all the time and didn't know why. This made it hard for me to sleep, when my baby was sleeping. I was afraid to say no and set boundaries with family members because I didn't want to hurt their feelings.

I felt guilty if I practiced self-care when my baby wasn't sleeping, instead of being with him. I was giving all of myself to being a mom to my son and at the end of the day had nothing left for myself. I was overwhelmed with the weight of being a mother, wife, and working a full 40 hr. work week consisting of four consecutive 10 hr. days.

Then one day, on a stroller walk I started listening to a podcast about motherhood called Mother Like a Boss. This is when things first started to change for me. I started to challenge what society was telling me about what motherhood should be like.

The "hot mess" mom culture, all about self-sacrificing, no time for yourself, and the more of a mess your life is, the bigger your badge of honor. 



Something Had to Change

I realized I was living in survival mode and I didn't want to stay there. I started small by asking myself "what do I want and need?"

Long story short. I started to heal my relationship with time, by putting my phone away and setting timers. I started challenging my mom guilt and realized that taking care of myself actually made me a better mom! That taking care of myself wasn't selfish. I started working on my mind set about asking for help with affirmations.

Asking for help doesn't make me any less of a mom. Asking for help shows great strength.

I practiced asking for help and accepting help when it was offered, instead of struggling in silence. I learned to say no, so I could say yes to myself and what I needed.

I started to notice that I was reconnecting with myself, feeling less stressed, and more joy when I did self-care, it was magical!


My mission

I started Magical Mama Life to help empower moms to reconnect to themselves, re-discover their needs and wants, promote self love, and bring peace into their motherhood with some simple, but life-changing self-care. Motherhood is far too precious of a time to spend it self-sacrificing, overwhelmed, and stressed.

I love being a mom! It's one of life's greatest gifts. I hope to help moms through the struggle that I experienced, and find the magic in their motherhood. You get to decide what your motherhood looks like and what kind of mother you want to be.

I believe in you and know you deserve to live the magical mama life!




Hi Friend! A Little About Me

I'm Katie Tschanz, a self-care expert and positive motherhood advocate. I’m also the founder of Magical Mama Life and podcast coming soon.

I'm on a mission to challenge the "hot mess" mom culture, by helping moms nurture themselves through daily self-care. I believe self-care is where the magic begins by bringing more joy and less stress into motherhood. The Magical Mama Life!

I'm a mother to one amazing kiddo, Kyle (4), and dog mom to two sweet and crazy yellow labs, Daisy (2), and Maggie aka Mag Pie (1). I live in WI with my husband of 11 years, Ryan. I am a full time Certified Veterinary Technician (nurse for animals).

I love being a mom and also love having time to myself. I love unicorns, glitter, pumpkin spice, and watching Grey's Anatomy. In my free time I enjoy soaking up the sun on my inflatable unicorn, gardening, campfires, cuddling my dogs in my hammock, horse back riding, and listening to music.

You deserve to feel good and have a life that feels magical mama!

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